Are you looking for an easy, clean and productive growing method? Then hydroponics is for you! This cultivation technique without soil offers many advantages over traditional soil cultivation.

At BloomLED, we've been hydroponics experts for 14 years, and we can help you start your own hydroponic garden. We offer a wide range of hydroponic techniques, such as drip culture, aeroponics, NFT and much more.

We particularly recommend growing in aeroponics, which is the simplest and most effective. With this technique, you do not need a substrate, which eliminates the risk of rapid pH fluctuations.
The control of pH and electroconductivity (EC) is essential in hydroponics. We offer a full range of pH and EC testers, as well as pH Down and pH Plus solutions to adjust the pH of your water. We also have a range of top quality hydroponic fertilizers to help you achieve your desired EC levels.

If you are looking for a complete guide to hydroponics, we recommend our book "Hydroponics for All". With this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know to start your own hydroponic garden and harvest healthy, delicious fruits and vegetables all year round.

  • Hydroponic systems

    In this category, we present the different systems for hydroponics that we have selected.

    Aeroponics is a method of landless cultivation that allows you to obtain very good results with a minimum of substrate. Your plants will grow quickly and you will get a bountiful harvest.

    Be careful to check your EC and pH during your cultivation to obtain the best results. We have a category that allows you to get testers etc.

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  • PH / EC testers

    In this category, find all the necessary products for hydroponics cultivation and especially the control of the EC and the pH.

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