Leader in LED horticultural lighting for over 10 years!

BloomLED is a brand dedicated to indoor growers . we have been offering 2009 many LED horticultural lighting to offer you maximum flowering yield with very low consumption . Our lamps are all made with the best components. We offer you a PREMIUM new replacement warranty on the lights.

Why choose LED horticultural lighting ?

timerLong lifetime
ac_unitLow heat
electrical_servicesSimple to install

spa100% horticultural
shape_lineMany formats

This technology offers many advantages for indoor cultivation. You will enjoy a spectrum suitable for growing plants . The light emitted by the lamp will be 100% assimilated by your growing and flowering plants. You

If you want to cultivate on a small area, we offer LED horticultural bulbs . They have E27 or E40 bases to easily adapt to an installation. If you want to make seedlings, young shoots or cuttings, the SpectraLINE horticultural bars are perfectly suited.
For intensive cultivation, you can choose SpectraPANEL or SpectraWILD .

What is the BloomLED brand?

The BloomLED range, dedicated to indoor growers, was created in 2009 by the company FloraLED. This company was founded by Joseph, then 20 years old . Passionate about indoor cultivation, culture without soil and always on the lookout for new horticultural technologies, he was particularly interested in the emergence of LED technology, guaranteeing a more ecological and more economical approach. The start of a fire in one of his indoor plantations, caused by a sodium lamp, finally decided him to embark on this path and seek to develop Plug & Play LED products that are secure, simple to use and efficient . Joseph has therefore worked with culture enthusiasts and scientists to create a range of products that meet his various requirements: quality, lifespan, very low electricity consumption (savings on the electricity bill and environmentalism), aesthetics, absence of toxic products in its components, safety and finally simplicity of use.

Our team is at your entire disposal to advise you and to show you the lighting that will be best suited to your needs and the culture you wish to undertake. For the lighting of a growing room, a single plant, a winter garden or even an indoor vegetable garden... we will be able to offer you the LED horticultural lighting that will allow you to obtain the best results. results by guaranteeing you maximum savings.

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