SpectraWILD M650 - Full Spectrum LED horticultural bars - 650W - 120x120 - Samsung


🌟 New SpectraWILD M650 : The innovative horticultural LED lighting consists of four horticultural LED bars of 110W.

🌈 Full specter: LEDs emit a complete spectrum, including Samsung TOP BIN white LEDs

📏 Culture area: 120x120cm to 150x150cm

Energy consumption: SpectraWILD M650 has 650Watts energy consumption.

⚖ in Weight/Size: The weight of the lighting system is 11kg. Product dimensions: 110 cm x 110 cm.

📊 Effectiveness: 2.7μmol/J.

🔌 Management console: You can adjust the light intensity and modulate the power during ignition and extinction.

Domotic compatibility: SpectraWILD M650 lighting is compatible with home automation, for even easier management of your culture environment.

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  • Compatible with management console (sold separately)
  • Optimal spectrum for growth and flowering
  • Samsung high-end horticultural LEDs
  • Maximum culture area 150x150cm
  • 2.7umol/J
  • 1750BUT - Protocol 0-10V
  • Sold as a ready-to-use kit

Sold with

  • Horticultural bars M650 x4
  • Waterproof power supply
  • Support + suspension kit (pulleys)
  • Power cable with EU plug
  • Managing + Liaison cable


Benefits of SpectraWILD M650

Best quality/Price

Dimmer Integrated


Plug & Play

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The first light

Discover the all-new SpectraWILD LED horticultural lighting system, designed to work seamlessly with SpectraWILD management console (sold separately). This console offers you complete control over lighting, and it can also be integrated into a home automation system. So you can manage light, temperature, humidity, and much more...

To see the list of products compatible with the SpectraWILD system, as well as for more information on the SpectraWILD system, please consult the dedicated section at the bottom of this page.

  • Optimum area: 120cm x 120cm
  • Maximum area: 150cm x 150cm
  • Recommended air extractor: 450 to 800m3/h

5 good reasons
grow with SpectraWILD

1. Optimized lighting for growth and flowering

Discover SpectraWILD, a premium LED horticultural lighting system designed to improve the health and productivity of your plants. Here is why it represents the ideal solution for all your requirements for indoor culture:

SpectraWILD offers a complete luminous spectrum, encompassing all wavelengths essential to the growth and flowering of your plants. With a remarkable luminous efficiency of 2.7 umol/J, SpectraWILD allows you to benefit from a higher luminous intensity for each watt of energy consumed. Thus, it effectively converts electricity into a beneficial and essential light for your plants.

Whatever the stage of your plants development, SpectraWILD provides the most adequate lighting, from germination to flowering.

Whatever the stage of your plants development, SpectraWILD provides the most adequate lighting, from germination to flowering.

SpectraWILD provides the optimal wavelengths to encourage abundant flowering.

2. Energy saving

The SpectraWILD is distinguished by its remarkable energy efficiency, despite its power of 650 Watts. Thanks to its efficiency of 2.7 umol/J, it provides optimal light power while minimizing energy consumption. This ultra-performing lighting is specially designed to promote growth and flowering of your plants.

3. Perfect for a grow room of 80x80cm to 100x100cm

The SpectraWILD is designed to illuminate an area of 120x1280cm to maximum 100x100cm. If it is essentially for growth, this area may be larger.

Voici les box de culture que nous proposons avec ce produit : ​

4. Remote control

Maximize the efficiency of your indoor gardening with the SmartWild management console. Here is why this tool is the ideal choice for smart horticultural management:

Thanks to SmartWild's remote control feature, you can manage your horticultural lighting wherever you are, directly from your smartphone. It has never been easier to monitor and adjust your lighting system.

The SmartWild management console allows you to vary the intensity of lighting and simulate a sunrise and sunset, offering a more natural growth environment for your plants.

Thanks to its innovative temperature management system, SmartWild protects your plants from overheating. In case of excessive temperature, the lighting can be automatically reduced or off to protect your plants.

By automatically adjusting the intensity of lighting according to environmental conditions, SmartWild helps reduce the energy consumption of your horticultural lighting system.

5. Three-year warranty

To offer absolute peace of mind, we offer an exceptional three-year warranty on our SpectraWILD lighting. This guarantee demonstrates our confidence in the quality and durability of our product. Thus, you can invest confidently, knowing that you enjoy full protection in case of any problem.

Discover our new generation LED horticultural lighting, designed to meet the most demanding needs. We carefully selected the best components to ensure optimal performance. Through our collaboration with Samsung, we have integrated their state-of-the-art LED technology directly into our electronic plates.

Best components for best performance

The use of these high-quality components ensures a bright spectrum of excellent precision (TOP-BIN), thus surpassing traditional HPS/CMH horticultural lamps. You will thus benefit from a high quality light for the growth of your plants.

Our LED horticultural lighting comes in the form of bars, thus offering a considerable advantage over other solutions available on the market. Thanks to its design, the light is evenly distributed throughout the growing surface, allowing optimal absorption by plants.

Invest in our quality LED horticultural lighting and offer your plants the ideal light conditions for healthy and vigorous growth.


Installation of SpectraWILD LED horticultural bars
  • Unfold your horticultural lighting
  • Install the Power Supply
  • Place the supply on its support
  • Connect power to lighting
  • Hang your lighting in your growing space

Console SpectraWILD
Sold out

Welcome to the world of advanced horticultural technology. Home BloomLED, we are proud to present you the spectraWILD management console. Optimized for your LED horticultural lighting experience, this console offers you flexibility and unmatched ease of use.

Absolute Control of Your Horticultural Environment

SpectraWILD controller BloomLED places power in your hands, offering a range of sophisticated features. You have the possibility to vary the intensity of lighting, simulate a sunrise and sunset, and much more. All this is accessible directly from the management console or remotely from your smartphone. Yes, you read it well. Enjoy unmatched convenience and flexibility, within your fingers.

Innovative Temperature Management

Among the essential features of our SpectraWILD console, temperature management occupies a central place. This feature allows you to protect your plants and optimize their growth, regardless of the conditions.

Imagine this: if the temperature exceeds the value you have previously defined, the intensity of the lighting automatically decreases by 50%. This creates a cooler and more favorable environment for your plants. In addition, if the temperature exceeds 10°C the value you have chosen, the lighting will automatically turn off, thus avoiding any potential damage to your plants.

This intelligent temperature management feature allows you to ensure accurate control of the culture environment, ensuring optimal conditions for the health and growth of your plants. With the SpectraWILD console, you benefit from an advanced system that watches over your plants, offering peace of mind and remarkable results.

Total control at your disposal

And that's not all! With the SpectraWILD console, you have total control over these features. You can activate or disable them at your convenience. Thus, you have the ability to fully customize the horticulture environment according to the specific needs of your plants.

The SpectraWILD Controller: Your Ideal Tool

With the spectraWILD controller, you have absolute control your LED horticultural lighting. It is the ideal tool for horticulture enthusiasts who seek to maximize their yield and maximize the health of their plants. Invest in the SpectraWILD controller today and discover what really means precision horticultural lighting.

With SmartWild Management console, managing your horticulture environment has never been so simple and effective. This revolutionary system offers you a remote control unprecedented, allowing you to manage your horticultural lighting from your smartphone, wherever you are.

Thanks to its system innovative temperature management, SmartWild automatically adjusts the intensity of lighting according to environmental conditions, thus protecting your plants from overheating. Plus, you can customize lighting to simulate sunrise and sunset, creating a natural growth environment for your plants.

In case of too high temperature, the light intensity is reduced or the lighting is completely off to protect your plants. And the best in all this? The console is incredibly easy to use.

Explore the benefits of the SmartWild management console and enjoy optimal control over your horticulture environment. Simplify your management tasks, improve the health of your plants and get exceptional results, all with unmatched ease.

Unprecedented flexibility

With the SpectraWILD management console, you can control your horticultural lights wherever you are, directly from your smartphone. It's the ultimate in convenience.

Overheat protection

Thanks to the innovative temperature management system, your plants will be protected against damage due to overheating. Lighting can be automatically dimmed or turned off if the temperature exceeds your set parameters.

Lighting Customization

Simulate sunrise and sunset for a natural growing environment. In addition, you can vary the intensity of the lighting to adapt to the specific needs of your plants.

Total control

With the SpectraWILD console, you have total control of your horticultural environment. Enable or disable features as needed. Customize your horticultural environment as you see fit.

Guarantee 3 years
Lighting Area Minimum: 120cm x 120cm / Maximum: 150cm x 150cm
Optimal Operating Distance ~ 50cm
Spectrum Growth and Flowering
Intensity Management YES - Integrated Dimmer
Brand of LEDs used SAMSUNG
Thermal dissipation Passive (French to English translation): Passive

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