Pack Plug and Grow - 80x80 - SpectraPANEL X320 - HomeBOX Q80+

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Pack content

This SpectraPANEL X320 LED horticultural lamp is a newborn from the BloomLED brand. It allows to obtain the best quality and the best performances at the lowest price. Equipped with the best LED CREE CXB 3590 TOP BIN and OSRAM OSLON SSL. It is ideal for growth phases and especially flowering.
Powerful system!

CREE CXB 3590 & OSRAM - Consumption 200W - 100cm x 60cm

Data sheet

2 years
Lighting Area
60x60cm - 80x80cm
Product Size
Optimal Operating Distance
~ 50cm
Growth and Flowering
Intensity Management
Brand of LEDs used
Thermal dissipation

The compact shape of the Homebox Ambient Q80 + makes it the ideal choice for beginners who wish to engage in indoor culture ... in the best possible conditions!

It is "mini" by its size and price ... but its quality meets the requirements of the brand Homebox! All farmers will find their account.

The Biobizz brand Light Mix potting soil is intended for indoor growers under LED horticultural lamps. It is not fattened, which allows you to perfectly manage the dosage of fertilizer and avoid problems.

Volume: 50L

This Prima Klima air extractor has 2 speeds (220m3 / h or 360 m3 / h). It can be used as an air extractor or air inlet in your growing box.

The Master Grower Pack is an ideal fertilizer solution to achieve outstanding results with your plants. The pack includes:

1 x Master Grower fertilizer 500ml VG (415/625 L of solution)

1 x Master Grower 500ml FS (290/430 L of solution)

1 x Bloom Massive bloom stimulator 100gr (333 L of solution)

1 x root stimulator and Xtra roots growth 100 ml (200/400 L of solution)

1 x dosing pipette

The Master Grower range is very easy to use and works with all types of crops.

This sheath is lined to prevent any odor or heat leakage.

Maceta Textil 7L - 18 x 18 x 23cm - Garden HighPro

Saucer of 21cm x 21cm for pot of 5.6 / 7 liters

Discover the Domiz connected socket to control and regulate the consumption of your indoor crop remotely directly from your phone.

The socket is compatible with lights, extractors, fans...

  • Configure your devices from the application on your smartphone

  • Analyze and reduce your consumption directly or via the history
  • Program the switching on and off of your equipment by the minute

  • Remote control via WiFi connection

Control your grow remotely

Thanks to this connected socket, you can now regulate the brightness of your lights, control the temperature produced by your extractors and fans, without having to make any effort since everything will be done from your mobile phone.

Connected to WiFi, you can have the pleasure of managing everything from your sofa.

Watch your consumption

Lighting that consumes too much? Excessively spinning fan? You can now analyze your current or past consumption at any time from your smartphone.


  • Connected to WiFi

  • Maximum intensity : 16A

  • Maximum humidity : 80%

Data sheet

3 years

Adjustable clamp for air extractor from 25 to 175mm