SpectraWILD M720 - Full Spectrum LED Horticultural Bars - 720W - 90x90 - SmartWILD console -Samsung / Meanwell compatible

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Discover the new SpectraWILD M720 LED horticultural lighting here. It is accompanied by 6 horticultural LED bars of 120W. These emit a "Full Spectrum" with UV and Infrared.

It is possible to connect a management console to this horticultural lighting (sold separately). You will have the possibility of controlling the intensity of the lighting and activating the power variation on switching on and off.

Max area: 140cm x 140cm

Minimum box size: 90cm x 90cm

Product size: 90cm x 90cm

Consumption: 720Watts

barre horticole led croissance floraison meanwell samsung topbin

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  • Management console compatible (sold separately)
  • Significant light output!
  • Spectrum adapted to the growth and flowering phases
  • SAMSUNG TOP BIN horticultural LEDs
  • Sold complete ready to plug in - Plug & Grow
  • Max crop area 140cm x 140cm


  • Homogeneous square lighting area
  • Simple to use with clip-on bars
  • Check the environment of your grow box!
  • Design your lighting park up to 200 lamps!
  • A harvest of incomparable quality!
  • A single LED horticultural lighting from seed to harvest.
  • 3 year replacement warranty

Sold with

  • A SpectraWILD M720 LED horticultural lighting system
  • Central power supply
  • 6 horticultural bars to clip 90cm
  • Suspension kit (pulleys)
  • 150cm power cable with EU plug
  • Connection cable to connect several SpectraWILDs
SpectraWILD eclairage horticole led pour serres horticultures et cultivateurs en interieur

Professional growers select this horticultural LED lighting

This new generation LED horticultural light is made with the best components. The LED technology that is implemented on the electronic plates comes directly from Samsung. The quality of these components makes it possible to obtain a very high quality spectrum (TOP-BIN), thus surpassing the traditional HPS / CMH horticultural lamps.

This LED horticultural lighting in the form of bars, offers a considerable advantage compared to other solutions. The amount of light absorbed by the plants is very uniform over the entire area of cultivation.
Optimal growing area: 120cm x 120cm - Maximum growing area: 140cm x 140cm

Adapted air extractor power: 500 / 700m3h

Spectre horticole led gamme spectrawild barre culture plantes serres greenhouse samsung top bin

FULL SPECTRUM - Suitable for all phases, growth and flowering

We have known for over 10 years that you want the best performance for the life of your plants. Obtaining a perfect spectrum is not simple and requires a lot of time and investment. After selecting around 20 different spectra on paper, we selected 6 to carry out tests on different indoor plant crops. It was after multiple harvests and 14 months of patience that we finally found the spectrum that offers an incomparable yield! We now know that a large part of the green spectrum is important and that a perfect ratio of the different wavelengths has a considerable impact on the production of terpenes.

The SpectraWILD M720 horticultural LED bars are composed of 6 different types of LEDs and spectra in order to obtain perfection.
SpectraWILD spectre floraison eclairage horticole led pour serres horticultures et cultivateurs en interieur

SpectraWILD gestion intensité lampe horticole LED

Control your LED horticultural bars with the console!

This SpectraWILD M720 LED horticultural lighting can be connected to the management console (sold separately). This will allow you to control the intensity of your lighting and simulate a survey and sunset.

You can also manage your growing environment with the temperature sensor. It will tell you of course how much is the temperature of your growing space, but you can also tell your lighting, to reduce the intensity if the temperature is too high. You will be able to better control the environment and meet the needs of your plants. We have that from a certain temperature, plants slow down their growth. It is therefore more advisable to reduce the intensity of the lamp to return to a suitable temperature level in summer for example.

It is possible to control 200 SpectraWILD LED horticultural lamps with a management console.

From the 90cm x 90cm box to the grow room of several hundred m²

When we launched the design of this LED horticultural lighting, we really wanted to offer a solution that was adapted to different growing spaces. This new light will perfectly satisfy amateur growers as well as professionals.

If you want to equip your grow room, you can install several SpectraWILD lamps and control them with the management console. You will thus obtain a homogeneous lighting and perfectly adapted to your plants.

This lamp can be used for all types of plants. Today it equips CBD grow rooms for example.
The SpectraWILD range is the direct competitor to HQI and HPS / MH. Imagine maximum performance, without the faults of these various traditional lamps.
salle de culture lampe culture plantes serre interieur

SpectraWILD floraison bloomled culture interieur barres plantes

Intense production and impeccable quality!

This SpectraWILD LED horticultural lighting has a very high quality spectrum offering a very high yield. With the spectrum we have designed, it will allow you to speed up the flowering process as much as possible and obtain magnificent fruits / flowers for an abundant harvest.

Adapt your growing space with the three different versions (SpectraWILD S240 / M720 / L960)

Installation of the SpectraWILD M720 LED horticultural lamp

Setting up your SpectraWILD M720 is very simple.
  •      1 - Take the bars and power supplies out of the box
  •      2 - Place the central power supply on a table
  •      3 - Slide the bars into the housing. You must have 6 bars to fix
  •      4 - As soon as you hear a "Clip" your bar is fixed!
  •      5 - Connect the bars to the different connectors
  •      6 - Now you just have to suspend your system
  •      7 - And you can now connect the EU plug to your network
Guarantee 3 years
Optimal Operating Distance ~ 50cm
Spectrum Growth and Flowering
Intensity Management YES Built-in dimmer as standard - Management console (sold separately)
Brand of LEDs used SAMSUNG
Thermal dissipation Passive (French to English translation): Passive
Sealing YES - IP65

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