Horticultural LED lamp 100W - 60x60 - SpectraPANEL X100

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Starting a cultivation under horticultural LED lights

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Horticultural lighting LEDs


  • Intensity management!
  • Extremely efficient. The best quality/price/efficiency ratio
  • Full spectrum for growth and flowering
  • TOP BIN and 660nm horticultural LEDs
  • Sold completely ready to use - Plug & Grow
  • Maximum cultivation area 80cm x 80cm


  • Square lighting area
  • Easy to use and secure
  • Control the environment of your growing space!
  • A harvest of exceptional quality!
  • A unique LED horticultural lighting from sowing to harvesting.
  • 2 year warranty with new replacement

Sold with

  • A SpectraPANEL X100 LED horticultural lighting system
  • Pulleys to suspend lighting and adjust height
  • Power cable with EU plug
  • Instructions for use

Discover the horticultural lamps SpectraPANEL X100 and X200 de BloomLED. The innovative waterproof technology of these products distinguishes them from other lamps available on the market.

Benefits of SpectraPANEL X100

Best quality/Price

Dimmer Integrated


Plug & Play

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LED horticultural lighting revolutionary revolution

The SpectraPANEL X100 stands out for its compact and elegant design. Mesurant 405x305x77mm, this horticultural LED panel is small enough to easily integrate into a culture box 60cm x 60cm, while offering a maximum culture area 80cm x 80cm. Despite its reduced size, it delivers impressive light power thanks to its innovative LED technology.

Electric cost:

Its neat design combines functionality and aesthetics. Its fine and robust aluminium structure offers both durability and efficient thermal dissipation, which ensures the proper operation of LEDs. In addition, the lighting is protected by a high-quality OPTICAL PC lens that isolates the diodes from dust and water, thus avoiding any risk of damage to LEDs.

The sober aesthetics of the SpectraPANEL X100, with its aluminium finish and slim profile, blends perfectly into any culture space, while adding a touch of modernity. It offers the perfect balance between performance, practicality and style.

SpectraPANEL, a popular horticultural panel since 2009!


Full lighting
the growth to the flowering

The luminous spectrum of a horticulture lamp plays a crucial role in the plant growth process. This is the complete range of light wavelengths that the lamp is able to emit. A horticulture lamp with a complete spectrum, such as the SpectraPANEL X100 BloomLED, is capable of providing the necessary light to all phases of the life cycle of a plant, from germination to flowering.

The SpectraPANEL X100 uses LEDs TOP BIN and LED 660nm, generating a complete spectrum. This delicate balance of light spectrum ensures that your plants receive exactly the type of light they need at each stage of their development, maximizing their growth and flowering potential.

This optimised version of the complete spectrum favours the fastest flowering for indoor plants, under artificial light. It is similar to the maximum to the natural sun spectrum, providing a response tailored to the needs of all plants.

PlantsLight requirements - Vegetative phase (μmol/m2s)Light requirements - Flowering/Fructification phase (μmol/m2s)

water resistant
advanced protection

One of the notable features of the SpectraPANEL X100 is its exceptional water resistance, with an IP65 protection rating. This rating means that it is totally protected from dust and can withstand water jets from all directions, an essential feature for use in wetland environments. This water resistance is made possible thanks to its innovative design.

The lamp has a high-quality OPTICAL PC lens that covers the diodes, isolating them with water and dust. This avoids any potential damage to LEDs, thus ensuring a longer life and constant performance of the LED panel. The advanced protection technology of SpectraPANEL X100 offers additional peace of mind for indoor gardeners, allowing you to cultivate your plants in optimal conditions without fearing that your lighting is damaged by moisture.

Practical adjustment the luminous intensity

The SpectraPANEL X100 offers a flexible and precise control of the light intensity thanks to its multi-mode adjustment system. You have the possibility to modulate the light intensity on demand according to the needs of your plants, which maximizes their growth and flowering while minimizing energy consumption.

This horticultural LED panel allows a variation of intensity by various methods. You can use the built-in button for quick and easy adjustment, or for more sophisticated control, use the RJ port with the controller. In addition, the SpectraPANEL X100 is also compatible with a 3.5mm TRS Jack, offering even more options to adapt the light intensity to your specific needs.

In short, with the SpectraPANEL X100, you have total control over the lighting of your culture space, which allows you to optimize the conditions of growth of your plants.

Compatible with the environment controller - Trolmaster HCS1 - Hydro X

Maximize efficiency your SpectraPANEL X100 thanks to our expert advice

To fully exploit the performance of your SpectraPANEL X100 and its light intensity adjustment system, we recommend you follow the following lighting program. It will give you precise indications about the light intensity and the recommended lighting time for each plant development phase:

By following these guidelines, you will best exploit the performance of your SpectraPANEL X100 and you will achieve optimal results in your culture indoors. However, do not hesitate to adapt these parameters to the specific needs of your plants and your culture environment.


Germination: We recommend setting the intensity to 20% for a daily duration of 20 hours. This promotes germination by offering young shoots a soft and constant light.


Growth: When your plants grow, we recommend increasing intensity to 60% for a period of 18 hours a day. This provides the perfect balance between lighting and rest, thus promoting vigorous growth.


Flowering (weeks 1 to 3) : When your plants begin to produce flowers, reduce lighting time to 12 hours a day while increasing intensity to 80%. This setting reproduces the natural conditions of the end of summer and stimulates the production of flowers.


Flowering (weeks 4-7) : During the intense flowering period, mount the intensity to 100% for a duration of 12 hours a day. This ensures your plants all the energy needed for abundant flowering.


Flower (week 8) : Finally, for the last week of flowering, decrease the intensity to 60% for a duration of 12 hours a day. This setting helps to prepare your plants for harvest and can improve the quality and taste of your final crop.

Our advice expert

  • Optimum area: 60cm x 60cm
  • Maximum area: 80cm x 80cm
  • Recommended air extractor: 115 to 194m3/h

Voici les box de culture que nous proposons avec ce produit : ​

Voici les extracteurs que nous proposons avec ce produit : ​

Voici les accessoires que nous proposons avec ce produit :

The different VERSIONS
des SpectraPanel

SpectraPANEL X100

  • 100Watts
  • Best: 60cm x 60cm
  • Max: 80cm x 80cm
  • Growth / Flowering
  • Full spectrum
  • 2.6umol/J
  • PAR 230μmol/s
  • 405x305x77mm
  • Console-compatible
  • Weight 2.75kg
  • 2 years warranty

SpectraPANEL X200

  • 200Watts
  • Best: 80cm x 80cm
  • Max: 100cm x 100cm
  • Growth / Flowering
  • Full spectrum
  • 2.6umol/J
  • PAR 446μmol/s
  • 405x305x77mm
  • Console-compatible
  • Weight 2.75kg
  • 2 years warranty

Question about the SpectraPANEL X100 LED horticultural lamp

The SpectraPANEL X100 LED horticultural lamp consumes about 100 Watts.

The SpectraPANEL X100 can cover a growing area of up to 80cm x 80cm.

Yes, the SpectraPANEL X100 is equipped with TOP BIN LEDs and LEDStar 660nm, providing an ideal luminous spectrum for all phases of plant growth, from germination to flowering.

The SpectraPANEL X100 LED horticultural lamp has an IP65 protection rating, which means it is completely protected from dust and water resistant.

The SpectraPANEL X100 measures 405x305x77mm, making it a compact choice for a 60cm x 60cm culture box.

The SpectraPANEL X100 weighs 2 kg, making it easy to install and move if necessary.

The SpectraPANEL X100 is covered by a two-year warranty.

Feel free to contact us for more information or if you have any further questions about the SpectraPANEL X100.

Guarantee 2 years
Lighting Area 80cm x 80cm

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