Propagator XL + 10 SpectraLINE indoor growing pack IP65 90cm + programmer + power strip + ventilation kit

This horticultural pack is ideal for growing indoors, especially for cuttings. You will have a room of culture and material of quality.

This pack includes:

- A Probox Propagator XL (120cm x 40cm x 200cm)

- 10 SpectraLINE IP65 90cm 30W

- 8 connecting cables to connect SpectraLINE

- A mechanical programmer

- A power strip with switch

- A ventilation kit comprising a PROFAN - INLINE sheath extractor 125mm - 190m3 / h, 3 sheath Alu / PVC 125mm and 2 clamps

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Pack content

The Probox Propagator XL is ideal for cuttings and germination.

Its large size (120cm x 40cm x 200cm) will allow you to cultivate in the best conditions, with optimal space

The SpectraLINE 90cm 40W LED horticultural bar is designed for growing seedlings, cuttings and young plants. The spectrum of this LED horticultural lamp will allow you to obtain a perfect development of leaves and roots.

This version of SpectraLINE is waterproof (IP65). You can use it in a humid environment.

Data sheet

2 years
Lighting Area
100x30cm translates to 100x30cm in English.
Product Size
90x3cm translates to 90x3cm in English.
Optimal Operating Distance
20 cm
Cuttings and Germination
Intensity Management
Brand of LEDs used

This connecting cable is used to connect two SpectraLINE IP65 horticultural LED bars.

WARNING, this connecting cable is only compatible with SpectraLINE IP65 Waterproof.

Available in 40cm or 100cm.

Daily programmable plug.

Type: Mechanical
Programming period: Daily

This power strip allows you to connect up to 5 devices. A light switch is available if you want to turn off your lamps manually.

You can connect this extension cord to a mechanical timer with turning on and off your horticultural LEDs at the same time.

Usage: Interior
Maximum power: 3500W

This sheath is lined to prevent any odor or heat leakage.

Adjustable clamp for air extractor from 25 to 175mm