Pack complete sowing, cuttings and young plants - Box culture and waterproof lighting

This pack is ideal for lighting seedlings, cuttings, young plants or mother plants.

You can simply hang the three SpectraLINE 60cm lights.

Consumption: 60Watts

Homogeneous lighting - 0dB silent and water resistant lamps.

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Pack content

The HOMEBOX Ambient R80S culture box is intended for growing and cutting plants.

It is perfect for producing many cuttings and seedlings in a small space.

You can use SpectraLINE LED Bars to illuminate your plants.

Size: 80cm x 60cm x 70cm

The SpectraLINE 60cm 20W LED horticultural bar is designed for growing seedlings, cuttings and young plants. The spectrum of this LED horticultural lamp will allow you to obtain a perfect development of leaves and roots.

This version of SpectraLINE is also waterproof (IP65)

New in 2018

Data sheet

2 years
Lighting Area
Product Size
Optimal Operating Distance
20 cm

This connecting cable is used to connect two SpectraLINE IP65 horticultural LED bars.

WARNING, this connecting cable is only compatible with SpectraLINE IP65 Waterproof.

Available in 40cm or 100cm.