Pack complete sowing, cuttings and young plants - Box culture and waterproof lighting

This pack is ideal for lighting seedlings, cuttings, young plants or mother plants.

You can simply hang the three SpectraLINE 60cm lights.

Consumption: 60Watts

Homogeneous lighting - 0dB silent and water resistant lamps.

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Pack content

The HOMEBOX Ambient R80S culture box is intended for growing and cutting plants.

It is perfect for producing many cuttings and seedlings in a small space.

You can use SpectraLINE LED Bars to illuminate your plants.

Size: 80cm x 60cm x 70cm

The SpectraLINE 60cm 20W LED horticultural bar is designed for growing seedlings, cuttings and young plants. The spectrum of this LED horticultural lamp will allow you to obtain a perfect development of leaves and roots.

This version of SpectraLINE is also waterproof (IP65)

New in 2018

Data sheet

2 years
Lighting Area
Product Size
Optimal Operating Distance
20 cm
Cuttings and Germination
Intensity Management
Brand of LEDs used
Thermal dissipation
YES - IP65

This connecting cable is used to connect two SpectraLINE IP65 horticultural LED bars.

WARNING, this connecting cable is only compatible with SpectraLINE IP65 Waterproof.

Available in 40cm or 100cm.