Cutting pack - SpectraLINE 90cm x3 - LED horticultural lighting for young plants and cuttings

This pack allows to light young plants on an area of 90cm x 60cm. You can use this lighting for cuttings and plants up to 20-30cm maximum.

With a cable to connect the systems between them.

Pack delivered complete- Plug & Play

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Pack content

Horticultural lighting bar LED SpectraLINE 60 is designed to illuminate your seedlings or growing plants. Its small footprint and very low heat emission makes it the perfect solution to replace neon lighting. On top of that it consumes only 9W / 14w!

- SpectraLINE 60 System
- 1.50m cable with white plug
- Hooks for hanging or ceiling mounted

Data sheet

2 years

This cable connects two SpectraLINE LED horticultural lights to each other.

This allows you to use multiple lights with a single electrical outlet.

CAUTION: This cable is not compatible with SpectraLINE IP65