Plug & Play Pack - SpectraBULB X55 + Reinforced reflector with plug

If you do not have a reflector and you want to use the SpectraBULB X55 LED bulb, this pack is perfect.

You receive your bulb at home with the reflector. Simply screw the LED horticultural bulb, suspend the reflector and plug into an AC outlet.

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Pack content

Discover the new SpectraBULB X55 high-performance LED horticultural bulb - Equipped with the latest Samsung LM301B LEDs.

It offers unprecedented performance for growth and flowering as a replacement for your CFL or energy saving bulb.

No need for ballast, directly connect your bulb with E40 socket to the mains.

Maximum area of 60cm x 60cm - Growth & Flowering - E40 Base - 55W Consumption

Data sheet

2 years
Lighting Area
Product Size
H30cm x D9cm translates to H30cm x D9cm in English.
Optimal Operating Distance
~ 50cm
Growth and Flowering
Intensity Management
Brand of LEDs used
Thermal dissipation
Passive (French to English translation): Passive

This reflector reinforced with an E40 socket is designed to support a horticultural bulb LEDs.

Dimensions: 500 x 400 x 150 mm

No need for additional cable or screwdriver. You receive it, you screw the bulb on it and plug the plug.

Compatible with SpectraBULB X55 bulb

Supplied Plug & Play with EU plug.