Pack Plug and Grow - 40x40 - SpectraBULB X30 - HomeLAB 40

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Select the best in LED horticultural lighting


  • Compact format: Reduced size of Ø95x122mm, perfect for all types of spaces.
  • Standard E27 socket: Compatible with the majority of installations. Light Power
  • 30W Light Power: Optimal performance even at long distances.
  • 35W Eco-Energy Consumption: An eco-friendly choice.
  • 100% Optimized Spectrum: Light needed for healthy growth.

benefits of the X30 bulb

  • Ultra-Quiet Fan: Peaceful cultivation environment without disturbance.
  • Easy Installation: Simply screw the bulb into an E27 socket.
  • Optimal for Small Grow Spaces: Perfect for closets, grow rooms and greenhouses.
  • Energy Efficiency: Reduces your electricity costs while providing optimal lighting.
  • Versatility: Suitable for most houseplants and different growth stages.
  • Easy to maintain: Simple cleaning with a dry, soft cloth.


Presentation of the horticultural bulb
SpectraBULB X30 V2

Discover the'lED light bulb SpectraBULB X30 V2, ideal for urban farmers looking for yield on a small area. Son reduced (Ø95x122mm) and its simplicity of use make it perfect for beginners. This horticultural bulb is designed to offer a optimal luminous spectrum for the culture inside, particularly for plants with rapid growth and flowering.

Thanks to his LED OSRAM high quality, SpectraBULB X30 V2 is suitable for many uses, such as germination, growth and flowering. It is particularly suitable for small spaces of culture such as closets, culture rooms and greenhouses. You can use this in a culture room 40x40cm for example.

Benefits of this bulb
SpectraBULB X30 V2

La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La SpectraBULB X30 V2 offers many advantages for indoor culture. She has one luminous power of 35W and ensures one long distance performance to effectively cover your plants. Son ultra-silent fan guarantees a peaceful culture environment without disturbing your daily life. In addition, this bulb is energy efficiency and helps reduce your electricity costs while providing optimal lighting for your plants.

How to install the bulb

Follow these simple steps to install your SpectraBULB X30 V2 LED horticultural bulb:

  1. Wrap the bulb on an E27 socket.
  2. Place the bulb above your plants, ensuring a homogeneous distribution of light.
  3. Keep a distance 20 to 60cm between the bulb and the plant blade for healthy and balanced growth.
  4. Use a timer to regulate lighting: 18H/j for growth and 12H/j for flowering.

These easy steps will allow you to get an optimal installation to promote the growth and flowering of your plants inside.

On this page you will find secondary products that we offer like plug & play cables with E27 socket and socket for example.

Area of this LED horticultural bulb

Attention, this horticultural bulb is intended primarily for horticultural production. If you are looking for a light bulb for green plants, we recommend the light bulb of the brand GreenVisuaLED -increasing See the horticultural bulb LEDs for green plants

In short, the SpectraBULB X30 V2 LED horticultural bulb is the ideal choice for beginner indoor growers. Its optimal luminous spectrum, its ease of installation and use, as well as its energy performance, will allow you to succeed your first indoor cultures without difficulty.

Thanks to OSRAM LED technology, the bulb promotes healthy growth and abundant flowering for your plants, all in a reduced space. In addition, its ultra-silent fan and low energy consumption make it an economic and ecological choice for your indoor garden.

Don't wait to give your plants the lighting they need to thrive. Opt for the SpectraBULB X30 V2 bulb and join the movement of urban growers who transform their interior into a green haven!

QUESTIONS about this LED horticultural bulb

How does the OSRAM horticultural LED work?

The SpectraBULB X30 has 24 1.5W OSRAM LEDs offering a optimal spectrum. It reduces the waste of light and ensures sufficient intensity for a square of 50 cm in growth and 40 cm in bloom.

What is the consumption of the bulb?

SpectraBULB X30 V2 consumes 35W in total, allowing an energy saving while providing quality lighting for your plants indoors. Electric consumption will be about 2€/month.

What types of plants can I grow with SpectraBULB X30 V2 bulb?

This bulb is suitable for most indoor plants, including fast growing plants, leafy vegetables, aromatic herbs and flowering plants.

How many plants can I illuminate with a single SpectraBULB X30 V2 bulb?

The bulb is designed to cover a space of 50 cm in growth phase and 40 cm in flowering phase. The number of plants will depend on their size and light needs.

Does the SpectraBULB X30 V2 bulb heat a lot?

The bulb is equipped with an ultra-silent fan that allows to regulate the temperature and avoid overheating.

Can I use this bulb for seed germination?

Yes, SpectraBULB X30 V2 is suitable for seed germination thanks to its optimised luminous spectrum.

How do I adjust the height of the bulb to my plants?

The recommended distance between the bulb and the plant height is 20 to 60 cm. You can adjust the height of the bulb according to the growth of your plants to get the best results.

How to maintain and clean the SpectraBULB X30 V2 bulb?

Unplug the bulb and let it cool before cleaning. Use a dry and soft cloth to gently wipe the surface of the bulb and lentils. Do not use chemicals or abrasives to clean the bulb.

We advise you for this bulb...

Data sheet

2 years
Product Size
diameter 95 x 122mm
35 watts
Optimal Operating Distance
20 to 60cm
2700K - 6400K - 660nm These numbers refer to different color temperatures and wavelengths. 2700K represents a warm white color temperature, commonly used in residential lighting. 6400K represents a cool white color temperature, often used in commercial
Brand of LEDs used
OSRAM is a German multinational lighting manufacturer. It was founded in 1919 and is headquartered in Munich. The company specializes in the production of lighting solutions for various applications, including automotive, general lighting, and specialty l
Thermal dissipation
Silent fan

Check out the HomeLab HL40 Grow Room from the Homebox specialist.
Area: 40cm x 40cm x 120xm.

The Biobizz brand Light Mix potting soil is intended for indoor growers under LED horticultural lamps. It is not fattened, which allows you to perfectly manage the dosage of fertilizer and avoid problems.

Volume: 50L

The Master Grower Pack is an ideal fertilizer solution to achieve outstanding results with your plants. The pack includes:

1 x Master Grower fertilizer 500ml VG (415/625 L of solution)

1 x Master Grower 500ml FS (290/430 L of solution)

1 x Bloom Massive bloom stimulator 100gr (333 L of solution)

1 x root stimulator and Xtra roots growth 100 ml (200/400 L of solution)

1 x dosing pipette

The Master Grower range is very easy to use and works with all types of crops.

This sheath is lined to prevent any odor or heat leakage.

Maceta Textil 7L - 18 x 18 x 23cm - Garden HighPro

Saucer of 21cm x 21cm for pot of 5.6 / 7 liters

Discover the Domiz connected socket to control and regulate the consumption of your indoor crop remotely directly from your phone.

The socket is compatible with lights, extractors, fans...

  • Configure your devices from the application on your smartphone

  • Analyze and reduce your consumption directly or via the history
  • Program the switching on and off of your equipment by the minute

  • Remote control via WiFi connection

Control your grow remotely

Thanks to this connected socket, you can now regulate the brightness of your lights, control the temperature produced by your extractors and fans, without having to make any effort since everything will be done from your mobile phone.

Connected to WiFi, you can have the pleasure of managing everything from your sofa.

Watch your consumption

Lighting that consumes too much? Excessively spinning fan? You can now analyze your current or past consumption at any time from your smartphone.


  • Connected to WiFi

  • Maximum intensity : 16A

  • Maximum humidity : 80%

Data sheet

3 years

Adjustable clamp for air extractor from 25 to 175mm

100cm or 300cm cable with E27 socket and EU plug. Very high resistance cable. Designed to withstand the weight of a hanging bulb.