Pack cuttings bulb X20 + Kit of cuttings + cable 100cm E27 Plug & Play

This kit will allow you to realize your cuttings easily and with a formidable efficiency.

Place the SpectraBULB X20 bulb about 30 / 40cm from the mini greenhouse.

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Pack content

100cm or 300cm cable with E27 socket and EU plug. Very high resistance cable. Designed to withstand the weight of a hanging bulb.

The new version of the 20W SpectraBULB X20 LED horticultural bulb is equipped with a CITIZEN 3500K central LED with a full spectrum. It is therefore ideal for plant growth. In addition, the thermal management is 100% silent and the horticultural performances are boosted by 15% compared to the previous version.

You can also use it in addition to another lighting.


  • Designed with an E27socket
  • Very long life: no wearing parts
  • Totally silent
  • Max growing area 40cm x 40cm
  • 60° lightingangle


  • Fullspectrum
  • Emits an intense light for growth
  • Can be used alone or as a complement
  • Horticultural performance +15%.
  • Very low cost of electricity consumption: 1€/month .

LED horticultural bulb for growth or complement HPS/MH, LED, ECO...

This new SpectraBULB X20 LED horticultural bulb emits an intense light for indoor plant growth. The full spectrum will be perfectly suitable for use in addition to a sodium lamp for example.

Ampoule horticole led culture plantes complement croissance citizen bloomled


Advantages of SpectraBULB X20 V2 LED Horticultural Bulb

Simply install your bulb with the E27 socket.

SpectraBULB X20 V2 LED horticultural bul b is designed with E27 socket so that it can be used in many different fixtures. We have Plug & Play cables or clamps in our catalog. Feel free to check the accessories section

CITIZEN's top of the line LED for maximum light output.

The SpectraBULB X20 is designed with CITIZEN's high performance COB LED. The full spectrum of 3500K is most suitable for plant development during growth. We use Citizen's 3500K COB LED because it offers a very high luminous flux for 20 Watts of consumption.

A full spectrum for growth or light complement.

For growing plants, we recommend the use of this LED horticultural bulb. If you want to light your flowering plants, theSpectraBULB X30 bulb is recommended. However, if you are using another light source and want to increase your flowering output, this bulb can be used to supplement a sodium, ECO or other LED system of at least 30W.

Totally silent: 0dB.

The CITIZEN horticultural LED is cooled by means of a fine aluminum finned heat sink. This high-end device ensures a lifetime of 50,000H and makes the LED completely silent

A very long life!

This horticultural LED bulb has no wearing parts. You can use it for several years without seeing any difference in performance. It is guaranteed for 2 years. If you have any problem during this period, we will replace it with a new bulb.

Data sheet

2 years
Lighting Area
Product Size
H13cm x D12cm translates to H13cm x D12cm in English.
Optimal Operating Distance
40 cm
Intensity Management

Enjoy this perfect kit to make cuttings or sprout your seeds easily!

This kit includes:

- A greenhouse 31cm x 22cm

- A tray of 24 cubes Root It

- A fertilizer sachet dedicated to young plants

- A rooting gel Root It to promote rooting

- A scalpel

- An instruction booklet