LED Horticultural Lamp for Mother Plants - SpectraBUD M200


Are you looking for suitable lighting for the growth of your plants? Look no further, BloomLED has designed the SpectraBUD M200 , 200Watts spectrum lighting exclusively dedicated to the growth and maintenance phases of mother plants . With a coverage of up to 140cm x 140cm , the SpectraBUD M200 is the perfect ally for any self-respecting grower. 

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BloomLED: the reference brand in horticultural lighting presents the SpectraBUD M200!

The SpectraBUD M200 is a light designed by our  horticultural lighting specialists .

Bloomled  is one of the most  effective  and  appreciated brands  on the market, thanks to its technical mastery in the manufacture of its products and in the adaptation of each spectrum to the  needs of the plants.  
The latest addition to the range, the  SpectraBUD M200 , is no exception to this  quality . It is the result of  several months of work  to obtain the  perfect spectrum for the growth  and  development  of your  mother plants . 

Benefits of the SpectraBud M200:

  • High efficiency 6500k and 450nm spectrum
  • Passive heat dissipation, completely silent
  • 200W of power for intense canopy penetration
  • 3 year warranty
  • The SpectraBUD M200 is supplied with a 0-10V cable allowing the product to be dimmed (Integrated into the lighting and requiring a specific electrical installation)
  • With a power of 200W, it can cover areas of 1m².
  • 2.8 µmol/J
  • A spectrum dedicated to the growth of mother plants
  • Design unique
  • Easy to install, PLUG AND PLAY
  • Waterproof, IP65 certified
  • Equivalent 400W HPS
  • Compact

Further information : 

  • Dimensions: 28.7cm Ø x 20cm high
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Suspension kit: height adjustable 

Save a lot of money!

  • Save energy with our lighting consuming only  200W , covering an area ranging from  100x100cm to 140cm x 140cm . You benefit from  low energy consumption  for a  large area.
  • Save on your  seed purchases  with the SpectraBUD M200. With a mother plant, no more repeated seed orders, you can now  take cuttings  at  will  and enjoy the  pleasure of growing  your own plants.
  • Save money with the  exceptional lifespan  of the SpectraBUD M200. With a lifespan of up to  50,000 hours  without power deterioration within 5 years of purchase, there's no more frequent neon replacement.

A spectrum designed to optimize the growth of your plants!

The SpectraBUD M200 has been developed with a spectrum exclusively designed for the growth phase of plants, especially for mother plants.

The BloomLED technology used on this panel combines  white light from horticultural LEDs (6500k) with blue  inputs   of  450nm , which meet the  natural needs  of plants in the  growth phase , without triggering flowering.

By using this lighting for 18 hours a day, you can expect optimal results for your plants.

In addition, SpectraBUD M200 is designed to dissipate heat efficiently with its novel shape and heat dissipation fin design, which ensures low heat output.

SpectraBUD M200 spectrum:


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