HomeLAB 40 Pack - SpectraBUD X60 - Thermo hygro

Pack including:
- HomeLAB HL 40 Grow Chamber from Homebox
- SpectraBUD X60 LED Horticultural Lamp by BloomLED
- Hydro Digital Premium Thermometer

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Pack content

Check out the HomeLab HL40 Grow Room from the Homebox specialist.
Area: 40cm x 40cm x 120xm.

SpectraBUD X60 Horticultural Lighting is a 2017 novelty for professional indoor and outdoor plant growers. This product is waterproof, quiet and very powerful. We use the CXB 3590 LED and a 60W MeanWell power supply. We selected the best components. We provide a 3 year warranty replacement to new!

60W - 50cm x 50cm - Growth & Flowering

Plug & Play with a cable + 3m plug!

ZERO NOISE - IP65 WATERPROOF - HIGH END - 3x no charge available!

Data sheet

2 years
Lighting Area
60 cm x 60 cm translates to 60 centimeters by 60 centimeters in English.
Product Size
H 20 cm x D 15 cm translates to "Height 20 cm x Diameter 15 cm" in English.
Optimal Operating Distance
30 cm
Intensity Management

This hydrometer thermometer allows you to quickly check the climate inside your growing box. It has a large screen, which allows it to display both temperature and humidity.

It also records the minimum and maximum temperature and humidity.