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Discover the StarterBox Hydro fertilizer pack from HESI, ideal for providing your plants with all the nutrients they need when growing in hydroponics!

The HESI HYDRO pack contains all the substances that bind the nutrient complexes and stabilize the trace elements, so that they can coexist with the nutrient components without undergoing alteration.


The StarterBox Hydro fertilizer pack from HESI is specially designed for amateurs (beginners or experts!) Who wish to cultivate in hydroponics.

Hydroponic fertilizers provide all the nutrients your plant needs and will absorb through its roots. These fertilizers help stabilize trace elements and bind nutrients.

By following the brand's complete cultivation program, you will benefit from a qualitative and quantitative harvest. This program consists of a root complex of 500 ml. It is a growth stimulator facilitating the absorption of fertilizers. Thus, the plant develops healthily and quickly. This kit also includes a hydro growth of 1000 ml. The latter provides the NPK complex of mineral origin which is essential during the growth phase. The 1000 ml PK 13/14 allows you to quickly increase the density and size of your plants. The 10 ml superVit is a concentrate of vitamins and amino acids. This concentrate supplements the fertilizers during the growth and flowering phase. Finally, it contains a 500 ml PowerZyme which eliminates dead roots as well as all toxic waste.

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