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This HESI Earth Starter Box pack is ideal for your indoor growing! These fertilizers do not contain ballast substances (excipient), but they are rich in organic fertilizers so that the earth is never overloaded.

Thanks to cultivation in soil, nutrients will have the possibility of being distributed over several days to your plants.


  • A root stimulator 500ml
  • A 500ml TNT growth fertilizer
  • One liter flowering fertilizer
  • One liter flowering stimulator
  • A 10ml SUPERVIT vitality booster
  • A 500ml Powerzyme


The HESI Earth Starter Box Pack is a set of additives, growth and flowering fertilizers suitable for growing in soil substrate. It perfectly meets the different needs of the plant depending on its level of growth.


It is a pack containing a root stimulant Root of 500 ml. After repotting, pruning or uprooting plants, it is a good idea to use it, as it will lessen the shock caused and allow the roots to develop quickly. This pack also contains a 500 ml TNT growth fertilizer. Richer in nitrogen, it is used for the harmonious development of your plants. The one-liter flowering fertilizer is richer in potassium. The pack also includes a 1 liter bloom booster. The latter will improve production. The more time passes, the more fertile the soil loses, hence the need to use the SUPER VIT 10 ml vitality booster contained in the starter box kit. Finally, there is the POWERZYME. It is a mixture of enzymes and its role is to rid the substrate of organic compounds and mineral salts accumulated over years. This mixture will improve the root health of your plants.

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