Pack x4 X30 horticultural LED bulb + x1 LED X60 horticultural lamp - CREE AND OSRAM

This high-performance pack is designed by one of our growers who wanted a modular and high-performance configuration.

The use of 4 SpectraBULB X30 horticultural bulbs makes it possible to modulate your growing space.

You can use this pack for a space of growth and flowering to obtain performances out of the common !!

Imagine 64 OSRAM horticultural LEDs that come in reinforcement of a CREE CXB 3590 LED ...


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Pack content

The SpectraBULB X30 LED Horticultural Bulb is perfect for urban growers who want maximum yields on a minimum of area.

Growth and flowering in small spaces

Simple to use on an E27 socket
Ultra-powerful on small area
100% horticultural spectrum
Small footprint Ø95x122mm


  • Designed with an E27socket
  • Very long life 50.000H
  • Ultra-quiet fan
  • Max. growing area 50cm x 50cm
  • Optimized for growth and flowering


  • Fullspectrum
  • Emits an intense light
  • Can be used alone or as a complement
  • High penetration rate in the canopy.
  • Very low cost of electricity consumption: 1€/month.

Ampoule horticole LED E27 SpectraBULB X30

The ultra-powerful LED horticultural bulb

led horticole osram culture interieur plantes croissance floraison
This SpectraBULB X30 is designed with the best components on the market. We use OSRAM LEDs, which, combined with 50° lenses, allow us to achieve a very high luminous flux at short, medium and long distances.

What are the advantages of the SpectraBULB X30 horticultural LED?

Ampoule horticole LED OSRAM
1 Very small size Ø95x122mm
2 Easy to use on standard E27 socket
3 Very high light output of 30W
4 Long distance performance
5 Ultra-quiet fan

If you want to use a LED horticultural bulb with white light, we recommend SpectraBULB X30 from our range GreenVisuaLED

Tips for using the SpectraBULB X30

Conseils utilisation ampoule horticole led pour plantes spectrabulb x30
1) SpectraBULB X30 LED horticultural bulb is to be screwed into an E27 socket
2) Place your bulb above your plant(s)
3) Leave a distance of 20 to 60cm between the top of the plants and the LED light bulb
4) Use a timer to leave the bulb on 18H/d for growth and 12H/d for flowering
5) Let nature take its course....

Lentille horticole led performante
High-end optics for high penetration
SpectraBULB X30 is a LED bulb with a total power consumption of 32W. This high performance bulb is coupled with 4 lenses of 50° which help guide the light flow to the plants.

Led multichips horticole ampoule culture plante
OSRAM horticultural LED
The SpectraBULB X30 is equipped with 16 OSRAM 2W LEDs for perfect spectrum mixing. Thanks to its 100% optimized spectrum, the bulb focuses all the light on the plant, which considerably reduces light wastage outside the horticultural area. Its intensity is sufficient for a 50cm square in the growing phase (60cm distance) and 40cm in the flowering phase (50cm distance). The SpectraBULB X30 LED horticultural bulb produces a deep red, blue and white spectrum to bring out the different pigments in your plants.

Dissipateur thermique pour led horticole
Designed for high performance heat dissipation
Unlike other solutions, LEDs do not generate intense heat and have a very small thermal footprint. The SpectraBULB X30 is equipped with a heat sink and an ultra-quiet fan for optimal heat dissipation.

Très simple ampoule horticole led e27
Easy installation and operation
This SpectraBULB X30 LED horticultural bulb can be used on any stand with a standard E27 socket.

Lighting area and features of this LED garden bulb

Superficie eclairage et caractéristiques ampoule horticole led SpectraBULB X30

SpectraBUD X60 Horticultural Lighting is a 2017 novelty for professional indoor and outdoor plant growers. This product is waterproof, quiet and very powerful. We use the CXB 3590 LED and a 60W MeanWell power supply. We selected the best components. We provide a 3 year warranty replacement to new!

60W - 50cm x 50cm - Growth & Flowering

Plug & Play with a cable + 3m plug!

ZERO NOISE - IP65 WATERPROOF - HIGH END - 3x no charge available!

Data sheet

2 years
Lighting Area
60 cm x 60 cm translates to 60 centimeters by 60 centimeters in English.
Product Size
H 20 cm x D 15 cm translates to "Height 20 cm x Diameter 15 cm" in English.
Optimal Operating Distance
30 cm
Intensity Management