Refurbished - SpectraMODULE X135 V5 - Horticultural Lamp LEDs latest generation

  • SpectraMODULE X85 - Reconditionné
SpectraMODULE X85 - Reconditionné zoom_in
  • Reference: BL-SPECTRAM-X135REC-V5

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Supply in progress - Shipping within 2 to 3 weeks

We offer this SpectraMODULE X135 V5 system for sale at an unbeatable price. Compatible with the WIRELESS management console.

Products used in tests or exhibitions. The products are like new, but may have some scratches.

1 year warranty replacement to new. Offer is subject to availability.
Plug & Play - Supplied without packaging but with suspension kit and power cable with plug.

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