Saucer 18.9x 18.9cm - Black Square

  • Saucer 18.9x 18.9cm - Black Square
Saucer 18.9x 18.9cm - Black Square zoom_in
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This 18.9 x 18.9cm black square saucer is ideal for your indoor growing. It is made of polypropylene and is UV and frost resistant. We recommend that you use it under a 1.5L textile pot.


Do you want to retain water from your irrigation system? Do you want to prevent excess water from rotting your plants? Do not hesitate to get our 18.9 x 18.9cm dish. It will help your plant to develop in optimal conditions.

The overflow of water from plants is often the cause of fungi and other pests. This is why the use of a saucer under a pot to collect the irrigation water is highly recommended. This way, your plant only retains the amount it needs. During the summer, your plants use this water reserve. On the other hand in winter, it is necessary to take care not to keep it too full. This saucer has a dimension of 18.9x18.9 cm. Made of PP5 type polystyrene, it has high resistance to bad weather: frost and UV rays do not affect its quality. Black in color, it is recyclable and is ready to accommodate the jar of your choice.

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