SpectraMODULE X135 - LED horticultural lighting system compatible with spectrum management console and intensity

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BloomLED Management Console to SpectraMODULE - Management of the timeout, the intensity and spectrum

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Culture chamber 60x60x160cm - Version 2 - Hydroshoot range

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60cm x 60cm culture pack - SpectraMODULE X135 - Probox BASIC 60 x 60 x 160cm

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This pack allows you to start a crop with a modular horticultural LED lamp and compatible with the management console. You can grow 4 plants in this box of culture. SpectraMODULE X135 LED horticultural lighting is suitable for growth and flowering. You can use this lighting from seed to harvest.

The wireless management console comes with to control your horticultural LED lighting hour by hour.

Pack content

Ready to work. Comes with power cable and suspension system.

Discover the new generation LED horticultural lighting system. The best if you want to control your lighting system to the maximum in order to recreate the outdoor environment to perfection.

The SpectraMODULE X135 V5 is modular, powerful and compatible with the BloomLED management console.

Beware that SpectraMODULE is not retro compatible with older management consoles.

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lampe horticole led SpectraMODULE pour culture de plantes interieur box culture led horticole

The LED horticultural lighting efficient, controllable and scalable.

This LED horticultural lamp is equipped with a new Broad spectrum central LED. . This allows us to offer you an unequalled spectrum quality.
Unavailable from manufacturers such as CREE or OSRAM, it allows us to considerably improve the growth and FLOWERING. It offers a 100% PAR light necessary for the photosynthesis of all plants. This system is perfect for indoor cultivation on a area of 60cm x 60cm in bloom.
LED Multi-Chips horticole pour plantes

A simple, efficient and complete solution

eclairage horticole sodium

Advantages of SpectraMODULE X135 LED Panel

Led horticole haute puissance pour eclairage plante

System equipped with COB Multi-Chips and High Power LEDs

Combination of 63W COB Multi-Chips LEDs and 3W High Power LEDs to obtain a perfect penetration. The COB or Chips On Board technology, allows to design a horticultural LED with several electronic chips in order to obtain an intense spectrum and 100% PAR.

Spectre complet LED horticole pour eclairage de plantes

Combination of 3 different spectra

This range is equipped with three spectra (GrowSPECTRE, VegSPECTRE and BloomSPECTRE) that can be managed independently. It is possible to use these spectra separately to obtain a specific result or to combine them to obtain maximum power.

Programmation de la durée d'éclairage horticole led

Programming of automatic lighting

Each spectrum can be easily managed by the controller. The SpectraMODULE X135 horticultural lamp will automatically turn on and off without the need for an external timer. Our timer is designed to manage your multiple system installation (maximum 20 systems).

Economie energie et electrique eclairage horticoel led

Energy saving

The consumption of the system is regulated by the controller and the light intensity varies automatically. This LED indoor grow light is designed for long life and low power consumption.

Variation eclairage durant la journée

Automatic spectrum variation during the day

The systems can manage the automatic spectrum variation in order to simulate the different cycles of the day. The different LEDs that make up the system will light up separately to reproduce the different spectra of the sun depending on the time of day; you can even simulate the spectrum of the moon.

Lentille pour led horticole

High performance lenses

We equip the systems with professional optics in order to obtain an important light penetration and to illuminate a large surface. These lenses allow to concentrate all the emitted radiation.

Ventilateur silencieux pour eclairage horticole led


The fan is of high quality. It offers very low noise and a very long life in line with that of the LEDs. We tested multiple solutions before selecting this one.

Eclairage horticole led modulaire

Multi-system control

Our different lighting systems can be connected to each other in order to control your entire park with a single management console BloomLED. You can create a lighting park with up to 6 lamps.

Avec alu noir brosse

High quality aluminum frame

The system is designed with high quality aluminum that resists oxidation and corrosion.
It allows the reduction of the total weight of the product.


Designed for perfect heat dissipation

The aluminum inside and outside of the system is designed to dissipate the heat emitted by the LEDs. The junction temperature of the LEDs is always below 80°C, which increases the lifetime of the various components. This is a rule we have set for ourselves.

Qualite des fruits led horticole terpènes

Superior quality fruits

The SpectraMODULE X135. system makes the fruit grow without deteriorating its quality. The light emitted by the LED horticultural lighting is safe for your fruit. They will not be dried out or attacked by a spectrum that is not adapted to them.

Management console BloomLED (sold separately)

BloomLED has been offering LED lighting solutions for many years. We are constantly working to develop the perfect spectrum. This time-consuming process requires testing many wavelengths to achieve the best photosynthetic process for the plant to produce large fruits.

The management console BloomLED allows you to customize your LED lighting system 100%.

The SpectraMODULE X135 system is compatible with the management console BloomLED which will allow you to design your own spectrum. You can manage the intensity of three different spectrums. You will be able to give your plants the spectrum they need.Console de gestion pour éclairage horticole led

Spectre eclairage horticole led SpectraMODULE

The management console BloomLED allows you to control your system throughout the day. You simply program the spectrum you want to emit hour by hour and the system will do what you tell it to automatically.

Some advantages of this management console

You no longer need to use a timer/programmer that takes up space on the power strip and unfortunately often breaks down.

Save electricity by reducing the power of the spectra without losing the yield of your plants.

Increase the yield of your crops with a customized program that diffuses UV light only when needed during flowering. The plant will not be constantly exposed to this source of UV light and will be able to take full advantage of it.

Programs available with the management console (sold separately)

Système Eclairage horticole LED SpectraMODULE

Lighting area

Eclairage horticole LED SpectraMODULE Superficie

Data sheet

2 years
Lighting Area
Product Size
Optimal Operating Distance
~ 50cm
Growth and Flowering
Intensity Management
YES - Via management console (sold separately)
Brand of LEDs used
LED COB Multi-Chips
Thermal dissipation
The BloomLED Management Console provides 100% control of your SpectraMOMDULE X135 V5 LED lighting system.

You will be able to conceive your own spectrum. You will be able to manage the intensity of three different spectra. So you can bring your plants the spectrum they need.

Exclusively for the SpectraMODULE X135 V5. 2018 wireless version.

This indoor growing box is made with Mylar 70D walls with a light reflection rate of around 95%.

The culture chamber has an area of 60cm x 60cm with a height of 160cm.

You will only need a few minutes to set up this grow room. You can hang up to 10Kg on the tubes.

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