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  • GHE® - EcoGrower 6 Plantes - Système de culture hydroponique
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Discover the GHE EcoGrower hydroponics system, ideal for growing about 6 plants! This drip system is powered by an air pump.

System comprising 6 pots of Ø 15cm allowing to cultivate small and large plants.


The EcoGrower Hydroponic System makes it easy and efficient to grow 6 plants through a drip process, powered by an air pump. You will have removable "pot holders", positioned above a nutrient solution (maximum 65L). You will be able to handle the perfect amount of pH and EC.

This complete complete system includes a 65-liter hex tank, an air pump and a pumping column. It also includes an "octopus" irrigation system, six 15cm diameter pots with their inserts, a Flora GHE Series fertilizer kit, a PH color kit and a dry 10gr PH down pouch.

Start your hydroponics today for 6 plants, with a complete and efficient system!

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